Montanhas do Japi


A quiet place for your company and business.

Fazenda Montanhas do Japi is a natural retreat, but it is fully equipped with facilities and equipment for corporate events, weddings and celebrations. It is worth pointing out that in those events the sound is always kept low to help preserve the environment.

The farm promotes a fixed event called “Pizzada”. It takes place on the second Friday of the month and holds up to 50 people. It is similar to a “rodízio” (all you can eat), where consumers taste as many pizzas as they want. The differential is that consumers can create their own pizza, using the ingredients they like.

Another fixed event is “Noite da Polenta” (Polenta Night). It takes place on some Friday winter nights.Schedule is available on the Fazenda Montanhas do Japi website or on its Facebook page.

The Stone House

The Shed

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