Montanhas do Japi

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Leave the routine behind and come enjoy the fresh mountain air.

If the purpose of your visit isn’t relaxation but adventure and ecotourism, Fazenda Montanhas do Japi offers you several hiking and cycling trails.

The Serra do Japi is a living organism with an extremely rich fauna and flora. Many animals can be spotted on the trails, such as snakes (jararaca, caninana, rattle and coral), scorpions, spiders, jaguars, monkeys, hedgehogs, deers, sloths, ocelots, frogs and tegus, among others. There is also a great variety of plants, some of them poisonous. Consequently, it is highly recommended to hire a guide service when doing the trails (especially the long one), as guides know how to handle unexpected situations.

Hiking trails

Trail 1 – This two-hour, three-kilometer long hike is guided. The price is R$ 40 for groups of up to 4 four people. For groups of 20 people, there is an extra charge of R$10 per person. The first hike is at 8:30 AM and the last is at 11 AM.

Trail 2 (Small Farm) – A two-kilometer long, flat trail trip that includes visits to the farm orchard, rabbitry, hen house and the cow yard. Depending on the time it takes place, visitors can watch the milking of cows (7:20 AM or between 4 and 5 PM). Children are accompanied by a farm worker, who explains to them how those places work and the chores involved. R$4 per child.

Trail 3 (Little) – A 500-meter walk in a small forest near the Stone House. The walk is free of charge and visitors can do it on their own.

Biking trails

Mountain biking (single track) – Trails range from 5 to 32 kilometers and landscapes vary. Guests must bring their own bikes.

Obs.: Necessário trazer a bicicleta.

Make your reservation and come enjoy the best the mountains have to offer.




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